(Back L to R: Cris Galantino, Felix Frusciante, Oscar Gonzalo. Front: RockStar G.)



Some musicians come and go, but when you get the right combination you take that wave and ride it…that’s how Fyre Insyde ignited.

Oscar G (bass) met Felix Frusciante (guitar) on by chance and after pairing their musical vibe the search began. After 18 months of countless fizzled auditions, and time running out on their self-imposed end of 2020 deadline, sparks finally started catching timber. RockStar G. (singer) and Felix got together and created magic with Oscar G’s heartbeat bass playing. When the final piece of the quartet puzzle came rolling in, a place only Marc Sweet (drums) could fill, the smoldering embers turned to Fyre.

With writing and recording happening quickly, Fyre Insyde started working directly with Sean Shannon (Cleopatra Records, Frontiers Records, Curtain Call Records) at Studio Live USA, as well as their own Rock Out Studios.

Their debut single “Mary Jayne” was released April 30, 2021 with Rock Out Records LLC, followed by “What Awaits”, “Now You’re Gone” and “Scared Straight”. A new song will be released on the first of the month with Fyre Insyde Vol 1 available December 1st 2021.

In July 2021, Fyre Insyde wrote and recorded “The Monsters”, the new theme-song for iHeart Radio affiliate, Real Radio 104.1, Monsters in the Morning show (Orlando FL).

With a plethora of great things lined up for Fall, Fyre Insyde is going to be turning up the heat!